In March 2019, the City of Myrtle Beach approved an increase in its Local Accommodations Tax from 0.5% to 3% and implemented its 2% Hospitality Tax. In July 2019, the city began to collect these taxes, and Horry County ceased collection of its 1.5% Hospitality Fee inside the city’s corporate limits. Recently, the city and the county reached a settlement of the lawsuit contesting the county’s collection of the 1.5% Hospitality Fee from city businesses.

Here’s a chance to put your artistic skills to good use and have your creation appear in public! The City of Myrtle Beach has received a grant from the AARP Community Challenge to create and display bicycle and pedestrian safety messages at 10 key intersections throughout the city. The contest is for 10 illustrations that convey a Myrtle Beach-related message about bicycle or pedestrian safety, wayfinding or proper social distancing for walkers and bikers.