Public safety is the City of Myrtle Beach’s top priority for our residents, visitors and workers alike. Simply put, our city is our home and violence will not be tolerated! The Myrtle Beach Police Department uses intelligence gathering, information sharing and experience to effectively and efficiently protect the city. As we continue to evolve, the department will deploy a number of human and electronic resources to further enhance public safety.

The question, “Why is the city working on Memorial Day?” comes up from time to time. Myrtle Beach’s 950 full-time employees would love to have the day off, but the reality is that even if Memorial Day Monday were a “holiday” for city staff, virtually our entire police force, firefighting personnel, EMS crews, public works folks, parks division staff and many others would be required to work to provide service to our residents and visitors.

For timely updates regarding the coronavirus and the City of Myrtle Beach’s response, bookmark and check the Coronavirus Advisory webpage. The city is giving restaurants more flexibility for additional signs and tents during the coronavirus emergency. On March 18, 2020, City Manager John Pedersen has signed an order allowing temporary signage and operational rules to help restaurants cope.