The City of Myrtle Beach actively seeks out grant opportunities to benefit taxpayers and provide a better quality of life for our community.  Researching grant opportunities is long-standing practice for city departments.  However, a new position has allowed for streamlined applications and recordkeeping, with results in the millions of dollars.  In the last few weeks alone, the city has been notified of more than $850,000 in grants. 

South Carolina law mandates that counties conduct a reassessment of all real properties every five years, and 2019 is a reassessment year for Horry County.  If your property value has increased by $1,000 or more since the last reassessment, you will receive a notice from the Horry County Assessor.  That notice will tell you three things:  the previous taxable value, the new taxable value and the estimated market value of your property.  

In 2019, the Myrtle Beach Police Department will present the first session of “Guardian Academy,” a new program for parents, guardians and various other caregivers to provide assistance and access to education and resources.  The program’s purpose is to promote, reinforce and strengthen relationships within families, benefiting the young people in our Myrtle Beach community.