If you’ve ever wondered how a new street name is chosen, here’s some background on the process, provided by the Myrtle Beach Planning Department.  Under state law, the Planning Commission is the public body which decides and approves names for roads and streets in a jurisdiction.  In order to name a street, we have to have a street to name.  And only two circumstances provide such an opportunity.

With public safety in mind, the Myrtle Beach City Council has updated several beach rules about surf fishing, hole digging and children’s tents.  The beach is a great recreational asset used by millions of people each year.  These additional rules are intended to make it safer for beachgoers, swimmers and animals, including sea turtles. 

Myrtle Beach officially became a town on March 12, 1938, when the State of South Carolina issued the official charter. Voters went to the polls in 1937 to answer the ballot question about incorporation of Myrtle Beach. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor: 133 to eight.