Getting from here to there in a golf cart in Myrtle Beach

Golf cart regulations have been a frequent topic in Myrtle Beach in recent days.  No, you can’t drive a golf cart on a multipurpose path or a sidewalk.  Yes, you can drive a golf cart on certain public streets, subject to a long list of requirements and limitations.  But, the real question is, “How do I legally get from the Market Common area to the Myrtle Beach State Park?” 

And the answer is, “Not by driving on the multipurpose path or the East Coast Greenway, both of which are for human-powered activities.”

For those who want to take a golf cart to the state-approved golf cart crossing on Kings Highway, shown in the attached photo, here’s how.  You can legally access this crossing to the State Park by taking Mallard Lake Drive to the Barc Parc South entrance road, then following that road around to the shopping center.  The internal parking lot there exits at the signalized intersection on Kings Highway, where the state has installed the marked golf cart crossing over to the State Park.

The city doesn’t allow motorized vehicles on sidewalks or multipurpose paths.  (The state doesn’t either.)  You also can’t drive a golf cart on Kings Highway, US 501, Harrelson Boulevard or other primary roads or any roads where the speed limit is greater than 35 miles per hour.  For a detailed list of golf cart regulations, see